Sports Seat: Basel


BASEL is the perfect choice for those seeking comfort, space and sophistication. She is extramente compact, enabling wider circulation. This seat enables great visibility of the numbering beyond of the very ergonomic design, providing great comfort. Its design is sleek and modern. Your lines have turned the world and the sports venues, stadiums and other sports venues and, by Brazil.

 Injected in polypropylene, manufactured from a special formula that makes the product resistant to vandalism and weathering. BASEL conform to current technical standards, bringing safety and of welfare viewers.

The installation of seats follows a project developed by a team from Brazil Kango, which analyzes the structural conditions of space and product application. The entire process is run and supervised by expert professionals of the company.


  • Seat mould of polypropylene injected, resistant to vandalism and weathering.
  • Various colour options;
  • Special fastening system that facilitates correction of the ergonomic project;
  • Numbering at the bottom of the seat;
  • Space for insertion of advertising;
  • Design desenvolvido para: lugares de alto tráfego (esportivos ou não);
  • 5-year guarantee for manufacturing defects.


Technical Characteristics



  • Backrest Width :: 420 mm
  • Seat Width :: 420 mm
  • Seat Depth :: 370 mm
  • Total Depth :: 460 mm
  • Seat Depth Closed :: 250mm
  • Overall Height (on the floor) :: 750mm
  • Minimum Axle Spacing :: 470 mm


  • Individual seat, rounded and compact;
  • Visible numbering with seat closed;
  • Seat mould of polypropylene injected, resistant to vandalism and weathering;
  • Resistant to UV;
  • Anti-flame composition.



The BASEL seat is applied on the height of the step, us large sports stadiums and arenas and gymnasiums, and can also be fixed on the floor. Its Closing system by gravity ensures a large space between the rows, which ensures comfort and safety to the spectators.


 Models fastening:


Fixing on the height of the step


Design by Duplo D . Desenvolvimento Codemix