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KANGO ROUPARIA is a newly released product of Kango Brasil that is ideal for organizing items and apparel in large spaces. It is divided into metallic shelves of variable quantities and a standard size that combine practicality and high durability.


The compact parts of KANGO ROUPARIA enable maintenance and cleaning, and can be adapted to various types of facilities. Resistance is assured by the steel plate composition that also enhances product quality.


  • Manufactured in galvanized sheet and special steel;
  • Metal shelves in variable quantity and size standard;
  • Various colour options.
  • 5-year guarantee for manufacturing defects.


Technical Characteristics



  • Hight :: 2000 mm
  • Width :: 700 mm
  • Depth :: 500 mm


  • Storage space in special galvanized steel;
  • Metallic shelves in variable quantities;
  • Standard size.

Technical Design:



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